Calling All Visionaries: The Case for Coaches and Mentors

Natasha Charles, MSEd
2 min readJun 26, 2021


I envision that you, the person reading this, is intelligent, curious, inquisitive, open, a visionary, an expansive / big picture thinker with an abstract dream / idea / concept to bring to concrete reality. You’ve been able to achieve. So, why do you need a coach or mentor now?

I like analogies and brief, impactful stories.

Imagine- you’re a mariner. Which scenario would you prefer:

Option 1: Navigating by the stars?

Option 2: Navigating by the stars, a compass, radar, sonar, satellite, GPS, maps, etc.?

Neither option is incorrect. One option provides more input, more data, is less perilous, saves time and money, expands destinations, and alerts to the presence of obstacles well in advance. The other yields varied and limited results.

Now for the big reveal, which I imagine you’ve already guessed -

Option 1 is you! Know that you are in union with perfection and have within you infinite wisdom, guidance, intelligence and so much more! Much can be accomplished!

Option 2 is working with a coach or mentor — someone who has knowledge, wisdom, experience, insight- and, from that space, serves as a beacon, a lighthouse; guides, advises, processes faster and from a higher level. The mentor or coach deepens our awareness. The deeper our awareness, the more that can be done for us through us.

In addition, research has repeatedly shown that the most successful individuals are those who have multiple mentors and coaches. They’ve invested and taken action.

So, what’s next for you? What would you like to create? And with whom will you create it?

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Natasha Charles, MSEd is the Founder, CEO and Chief Intuitive Strategist of Intuitive Coaching with Natasha Charles. A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native Natasha went to Philadelphia public schools and worked full-time while completing an undergraduate degree, two Masters degrees, and four certificates at the University of Pennsylvania. She became a parent during those years and endeavored to mentor others as she went. After 2.5 years at a nonprofit that taught entrepreneurship and a 15+ year career in higher education, Natasha pivoted and started a coaching firm.

Natasha is highly gifted, highly sensitive, an avid meditator, a fitness enthusiast, involved in the New Thought movement, a creator of vegan Afro-Mineral-Balance recipes, and parent to one amazing, vivacious 2e child, whom she consciously cultivates — both left and right brain, to have a voice and know it has power, to make independent choices, to respect and be respected, to relate and to know that she is relentlessly loved, supported, encouraged, and believed in from the highest place.

She looks forward to connecting with you.



Natasha Charles, MSEd

Natasha Charles, MSEd: Finance, Tech, Advisory, Process Strategy, Motivational & Mindset Speaker